A Chat for Every Occasion

There are limitless ways WhatsApp can help you deliver an always-on customer experience – from onboarding to customer support. Here are a few use cases to help you get started.

Speed Up Onboarding

Send welcome messages to newly registered users

Credit Card Activation

Use interactive call-to-action buttons to guide customers through your onboarding process.


Loyal Points Reminders and Status Notifications.

Helps your customers use their benefits and simultaneously offload tedious tasks from your customer support team.

Share Real-Time Updates on Financial Transactions

Keep your customers up to date with any changes to their account balance.

Share Package Delivery Location

Notify your customers where their package or item has been delivered by sharing the location.

Send Invoices

Use WhatsApp media message templates to send invoices as documents in a WhatsApp message.


Reduce Hold Time in Your Call Center

Let customers know they can chat with their agents on WhatsApp as soon they become available.

Create a Simple Self-Service Chatbot

Provide important information to your customers 24/7 by creating a simple codeless chatbot.

Start using WhatsApp Business API today

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